Exclusive grid polarization concentrates Norstar’s field penetration, offering deep relief and stronger circulation. Our premium grade Flexible Core contains three times more magnetic compound than popular priced imports.

Norstar’s Powerstrides offer the user the freedom from discomfort in foot, ankle and calf areas whilst stimulating every reflexology point in the foot, increasing circulation and so improving energy levels.

The Powerstride magnetic innersole is very useful tool to combat the lack of lower body circulation on long haul flights.


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The insole production starts with a ballistic polyester fabric that is laminated to a 1.5mm thick High Energy flexible magnet made of premium grade oriented ferrite particles in a polyethylene binder.  The adhesive is an aggressive acrylic pressure sensitive  that is similar to the backing on self stick velcro.

The secret to our high power compared to competitors is that our magnet is magnetized with a pattern of alternating polarity stripes that have the effect of focusing the depth of penetration of the magnetic field.  A traditional all north insert as pictured in the strength comparison below has no such focusing technology, so the power is almost 90% less at the footbed.  It distributes a low level field up to the ankle.  Our technology deposits the stronger fields in the first half inch above the footbed.  The view paper shows different magnetized patterns in the same insole.  Norstar BioMagentic insoles have a finer grain pattern that is even stronger in the first quarter inch.

The insoles work by triggering a systemic response that includes releasing hormones that power a variety of responses.  They do give you extra strength, and can sometimes even treat unexpected tissue, such as RSI (repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist).  They are likely introducing a signal through meridian therapy points on the sole of the foot. They are indeed bio-active.

Manufacturer power rating: 2,500 gauss core

Pack contains:
One pair premium grade flexible core innersoles.

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