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Norstar Biomagnetic is committed to improving people’s lives through using the latest technologies which are both backed by the best science and do not require the use of chemicals in our bodies.




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I only had to use the Magnessage for 7 days and in that last 7 days I have been able to walk without my walking stick for the 1st time in 2 years. I have had back and leg problems for years and was housebound. I am only 46 years old and I feel 90, I now look forward to getting up to see what I could do next. My Doctor is very impressed with this, I don’t really know a lot about magnets, but I am more than willing to use anything to take my pains away and try to get back my life and for this I thank you.

Margaret Brockic

Just to let you know that the pet collar has arrived and it has made a big difference to my little Yorkie. She is running about like a puppy and is able to jump as well. Looking at her it is hard to believe she is a geriatric 14 year old with heart and kidney problems, so thanks for a great product. She even has her own coaster as well.


After a bilateral arthroscopy on my knees three years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and have been in considerable pain ever since. Anti-inflammatory drugs were prescribed which have a habit of upsetting my stomach and can cause even more serious problems. As my doctor was unaware of magnetic therapy, I decided to try it for myself. On using the Neo’s (I secure each one in Tubigrip and position just below the knee) it is amazing just how much the pain has eased. My mobilisation has greatly improved and I hardly ever take the painkillers. So much so that any thought of an operation has now been put on hold.

April Bennett

My son Barry has been ill for 3 years and is attending Glasgow Royal Infirmary Gastroenterlogy Unit. They have been unable to diagnose what is wrong with Barry who has endured numerous tests. All they can say is that his stomach empties abnormally slowly and they don’t know why. However, since Barry has been using the stress buster there has been a significant improvement in his condition. I thank you for this from the bottom of my heart.

Marry McFayden

I bought a bracelet for my wife after watching your program she had so much relief for a painful hand problem. Then I got the mattress and powerstrides. I bought the stressbuster and pillow pad to take on holiday they really work, my wife now sleeps soundly through the night instead of getting up five or six times a night, they really are great.
Bye for now.

John Hudson