The myths and the facts

Helping you to you to understand the key points you will need to know about magnet therapy in order to obtain the best results.

Q. Why do some magnets work and others have a marginal effect?

A. Magnets can either pick up a car whilst others a paperclip. It's the same when using magnets on the body the depth of penetration and relaxation of tissue will depend on he strength and quality of the magnet. This is key in allowing the magnetic field to pass through damaged areas and effect a change.

Q. How do I find out what magnet I am buying and what it will do?

A. Always ask the company concerned what is the type and strength (gauss) of magnet they are using. Also make sure of the depth of penetration through bone and tissue they are claiming for their product. It does matter. All magnets are not equal.

Q. Can I wear a magnet on my wrist to alleviate pain in my knee?

A. It is unlikely in our experience. A wristband will help the tissue in the direct area in which it is placed. It will also have the beneficial effect on the blood as it circulates. Perhaps over a period of week/months as it helps flush out the waste deposits in the blood it may result in some benefits, but why wait that long? In placing magnets of sufficient power to the area concerned the relief should be seen within hours. The benefits to the system and detoxification effects remain the same.

Q. Will a magnet cure my injury for good?

A. If the injury is a temporary condition, e.g. a torn muscle or sports strain, a 'serious' magnet will significantly speed recovery time. If the condition is a permanent one such as osteo-arthritis then the relief can be as and when the magnet is in place or in some cases maintained for several days or weeks. The pad can be then re-applied.

Q. How long do the magnets last?

A. Our 'permanent' magnets will have a lifespan of 15 - 20 years.

Q. What detrimental effects can magnets cause?

A. With the many clinical trials that have been done worldwide over recent years, magnets appear to have no detrimental effects on the body. However, you should not use magnet therapy if you wear a pacemaker, defibrillator, use an insulin pump or if you are pregnant.

Think of a magnet as an aspirin, you wouldn’t think of taking a ¼ of one for a headache
… So be sure you get the strength of magnet you need for your condition.