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The Thumb Wrap prevents the stress and strains of repetitive movements. Using a ½” Neodymium Magnet with a flexible one backing it up, we offer superior engineering and penetration. Our Stomatex wrap, allows your skin to be supported and 'breathe' freely as we increase circulation to the damaged area, bringing in extra blood flow and oxygen, which will prompt the body to heal itself.

By using the wrap at night, it will help eliminate inflammation as you sleep, neutralising the lactic acids, calcium and cholesterol deposits. With this drug free therapy we expect to speed recovery. By regularly wearing Norstar's Thumb Wrap we can often deter injuring from occurring.

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Manufacturer power rating: 12,300 gauss core/1,200 gauss surface

Pack contains:
1 wrap (can be used on either hand) – Contains 8 Flexible Magnets

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