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The washable Stress Buster Cover is made specifically to accompany the Stress Buster. This cover enables you to take your pad with you in your car, work or when travelling on long-haul flights. Benefit from Magnet Therapy wherever you go!

This  quilted, lightweight pad goes easily from home to the work place. Norstar’s top grade ceramic magnets will help relieve tension in neck and shoulders when in bed, delivering calming North Pole magnetic fields to ease you to sleep naturally. During the night it will help increase circulation and that means increased oxygen, which in turn will encourage the release of damaging toxins and promote the cells to work as efficiently as they can in strengthening the system and improving general health.

For lower back relief use it on your chair during the day whilst at work or driving. One of the best ways we know to help with long haul flights, both to encourage circulation as you sit and enabling you to recover more effectively from jet-lag at your journeys end.

In stock

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Manufacturer power rating: 3,975 gauss core

Pack contains:
30 ceramic magnets in a comfortable, lightweight quilted pad.

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