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The below article was written by Dr. Mark Atkinson MBBs BsC (HONS) FRIPHH FCMA. Mark is a medical doctor, practitioner of integrated medicine and Vice President of the Complementary Medical Association. He specialises in the integrated treatment of chronic conditions such as arthritis and chronic fatigue by providing his clients with safe, effective and scientifically validated strategies designed to support the body’s natural healing process.

Magnet Therapy represents one of the cheapest and most widely available forms of energy therapy.

One of the problems that face professionals and companies who are involved in marketing and researching magnetic therapy is that the scientific evidence to date has generally been of fairly poor quality and often contradictory in its findings.


In order to portray magnet therapy as a credible and effective therapeutic approach we need to:

    • Distinguish between the facts and the theories related to magnet therapy.
    • Provide testimonial evidence from professionals, celebrities and the general public.
    • Provide details of past, current and future research work.


Magnetic therapy is not:

      • A miracle or magic bullet
      • The answer to every illness & condition
      • To be used by persons who are pregnant, wearing pacemakers, defibrillators, insulin pumps or other electro-insulin devices should not use magnetic therapy.
      • To be used when a diagnosis has not been established
      • To replace certain medications needed for infections, diabetes or heart disease for example.